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Client Testimonials

Kelli R.

On the way from Alamogordo to Las Cruces, my 2010 Prius shut down and displayed the check hybrid system warning. I was able to start it again and get to my destination. I Googled help and found Citizen's Choice Roadside Assistance. He came right out, diagnosed, and fixed the cooling pump on site. I Ubered to the mall, and he came to the mall to get the key, and picked me up when the vehicle was done. His pricing was fair and accurate. I am extremely satisfied and highly recommend anyone in the Las Cruces area with car trouble use this company!

Louis J.

Jermel helped me out x 2 in less than a week with my battery and is very personable! The first time I had a defective battery. The second time, the automotive part store did not put the positive terminal cable on correctly for the new battery, and it was loose. I hadn't even noticed the incorrect placement of the cable on the positive terminal when the automotive part store replaced the defective battery I originally purchased a month earlier.

I really appreciate his prompt service and expertise in getting this issue resolved.

Diane L.

I was desperate to find someone who could dig my car out after a snowstorm dumped 12" on the area. I tried for 2 days, but either place was too busy, didn't want a small job or just never called back. I happened upon Citizens Choice, and since they were nearby, I gave it a try. To my amazement, Jay said that he could help. He arrived soon after I spoke to him and freed my car in minutes. He also shoveled a path so that my husband (who uses a walker) could get to dialysis in the morning. Prompt, professional, and didn't mind a small job. Now THAT'S service! Thanks, Jay! 🙂

Lorraine H.

A very professional and kind gentleman showed up on a roadside assistance call to my insurance company after I had a tire blowout in the evening.

He called to update his arrival and confirm my location, checked my spare's air pressure and changed out the flat with speed and competency. He had a great customer service attitude and friendly demeanor and answered all my questions. Terrific business model. Felt safe and reassured.